2017’s Top Garden Trends

This time of year is always filled with Top 10s or Top 100s of the past year – and also trends for the upcoming year, such as the hot colour or the number one plant of the year. I have been reading a few articles featuring some of the top trends in Gardening for 2017 and I thought I’d share a few with you…
  • “Grow your own” seems to be continuing as a hot trend this year. I know most my clients last year wanted to incorporate some space in their yard for growing their own veggies or herbs. It continues to be a popular topic in social media and in gardening magazines. As many of you know I have had mixed success when it comes to growing veggies myself but I am looking forward to continuing to try. How about you? Do you have a spot in the yard where you are planning to grow a veggie or two?
    The grow your own food trend seems to be built on the lifestyle trend of buying local. Consumers are more and more aware of where their food comes from. This shows in the high demand and success of local farmers markets where we can buy locally grown vegetables or other speciality items like locally sourced honey. I think this trend has even challenged the grocery chains to stock more locally grown products!
  • Growing is moving inside. Have you looked at all the cool things on line or on Pinterest that people are doing with succulents? Whether it is in a terrarium, a wall planters and or otherwise, the key is that these containers can be created for outside or inside the home.

    I think the variety and easy care of these plants have fueled the love of houseplants for many. Houseplants are a hot trend. Growing inside seems easier to some and it is less of a commitment.

    TIP: January is the perfect time to purchase as most garden centres get their deliveries of fresh plants from Florida about now.

    I know most of my houseplants get moved around to make room for my Christmas decorations and I always enjoy trying them in new spots every year once the decorations are packed away.  I am looking forward to seeing how this one does flagging the TV.


    Do you enjoy having houseplants in your home?

  • Lastly one of the other gardening trends for 2017 are Dwarf Shrubs. I have been talking about them a lot the last few years but the variety continues to grow. The fact that these shrubs stay small naturally and we don’t have to constantly maintain them to have them “ fit “ in our gardens satisfies the need for most gardeners’ low maintenance requirements. The variety and long season of flowering also makes them a good choice over higher demanding perennials, making them attractive to aging gardeners and newbie gardeners alike. Check out Bobo Hydrangea, My Monet Weigela or Little Goblin Winterberry Holly for your garden this year.

    Little Goblin Winterberry
    Little Goblin Winterberry

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