3D Design – What Have I Gotten Myself Into?!

Even if you are not a designer, I am guessing you are familiar with 3D design without even realizing it. We have all seen those television shows where a basic layout on screen turns into an amazing 3D image with the click of a button. Complete with colour, textures and sometimes even an animated fly through. It looks like it would be so much fun to create. And the software does all the work, it is just a click of the button, it looks so straightforward, right?

Well I am sure it will be one of these days but I have recently decided to learn, or attempt to learn, how to design in 3D. Thankfully I am not alone.  I am doing it with my friend and fellow designer, Nancy, but I have to tell you it is HARD! I have to confess I have tried to avoid learning this new skill, talked Nancy out of it last year, but I had to agree with her when I had several clients asking me for it this past season.  So I decided to give it a shot.

3D design colour house
Design by Jason Anderson, Trillium Maintenance Services

Can I learn/perfect this program enough this winter to impress clients this upcoming season? I am honestly not sure. It has so far given me a better appreciation of other designers/architects/engineers that use this type of tool to convey their ideas. And I am starting to see the power in viewing your outdoor spaces this way – but the learning curve is steep. The mental gymnastics it has taken to get my head around drawing in 3 Dimensions on the computer has been overwhelming at times but even though I am just at the beginning of the course, my brain is starting to get there.

I remember having similar trepidations when I looked into 2D Computer CAD design. It was not part of the Landscape Design program at Ryerson when I was doing my certificate. So when clients and contractors were looking for more detailed drawings and I was looking for a way to make revisions easier and faster, I had to decide on the investment of the software and the investment of the time to learn the software and really look at the business case for adding it to my services.

3D design black and white
Design by Jason Anderson, Trillium Maintenance Services

I think that the investment in my CAD design service has made it easier for my clients to visualize the finished product. My goal will be the same for 3D designs.  To eventually add another level of service to help clients envision their outdoor spaces better than ever.

3D design colour
Design by Jason Anderson, Trillium Maintenance Services

The challenge with any type of design experience (and many other skills) is that you are never done. There are always new things to learn, new trends in design, new software to purchase and learn whether it is for interior, exterior or graphic design.  Looks like 3D is one of my goals for 2016 so here I go again taking on a new challenge, setting another goal for my business and hoping to be a better designer in the end.

3 Responses to 3D Design – What Have I Gotten Myself Into?!

    Gabe manda

    Is there a waiting list for your new service ? or are you still learning !

      Joanne Shaw

      HI Gabe,

      I am still learning and deciding which program is best. How is your garden doing? What were you looking for as far as 3d goes?



        This is now year five for the gardens. There have been some changes, some deletions and some additions due to plant placements. You should stop by some day and have a look. Still have your original plans but they need updating ?!

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