Applying Nematodes

Nematodes podcast

In this episode of Down the Garden Path, we discuss applying nematodes, the primary method homeowners here in Canada use to control pests such as grubs on our lawn.

It’s been a heavy Japanese beetle season in the Greater Toronto Area, with a lot of damage done to the foliage of our trees and shrubs. As the hot days of summer come to an end, so will they! However, where there are Japanese beetles, there are white grubs. And right now, those white grubs are beginning to hatch and eat our lawns, growing and becoming next summer’s Japanese beetles.

So, what can we do? This is where applying nematodes come in.

Nematodes are microscopic, colourless worms that travel through water in the ground to attack and kill grubs and other pests. (Hint: If you want them to work, you have to water your lawn well.)

They don’t bother humans, pets, or plants but will attack an assortment of soil-borne pests instead. When a nematode finds a host they want to eat, they work their way inside them, where they consume their host using powerful bacteria. A single nematode can kill a pest in 24-48 hours, making them a quick and efficient solution to infestations.

In this podcast, we discuss what nematodes are, how they work and the best practices for applying them. If you’ve been seeing the effects of Japanese beetles in your garden this summer, you won’t want to miss this podcast. We offer lots of great tips to help your garden and lawn thrive into the fall and prepare it for success in the spring.

Nematodes are available for a few other pests, as well. Tune in to learn more!

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