Applying Nematodes

Did you have Japanese Beetles in your garden this summer?

Did you know that not only are these a nuisance in the garden and on our plants but these colourful insects also lay thousands of eggs in our lawns and those eggs become GRUBS!

Environmentally friendly Nematodes are our own tool against grubs. Last check Nurseries in our area still have an inventory.

I personally applied some to my lawn this weekend and it wasn’t as difficult as I thought.

All you need is:

Some tips:

  • Add a teabag to bucket when making the concentrate. This does help you see the level in your hose end sprayer.
  • Water lawn well beforehand or apply after a good rain and water in the early evening if possible
  • Apply to edges of the garden as well
  • Lawn must be kept wet for several days after applying the nematodes allowing them to penetrate the lawn to search for the grub larvae.
  • Overall, I found the process pretty easy, and I only needed 1 of the 2 sponges that come in the package for my front lawn.
  • I do recommend applying them again in the spring, once the soil has warmed up.
  • If you can encourage your neighbors to treat their lawn as well.


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