Cannabis: Part Two

Cannabis podcast

This past spring, in our first Down the Garden Path podcast on Growing Cannabis, we took a look at this controversial plant. What it is, how it’s grown and what laws and regulations face Canadians with its recent legalization.

In Cannabis: Part 2, we dive a little deeper. As temperatures drop and the harvest season quickly approaches, Canadians are learning what they can about the best practices involved in harvesting this plant. We hope we can help!

Matthew really outdid himself with his research for this episode. I hope you’ll join us as we touch on topics from flushing and harvesting to curing and storing.

Some of the topics we cover this month:

  • The optional technique of flushing and why many cannabis connoisseurs swear by it
  • Why knowing when to harvest is key to getting the desired effect from the plant
  • The reasons behind trimming your plants wet vs. dry
  • The do’s and don’ts of storing your cannabis

When it comes to growing and harvesting cannabis, there’s a lot to learn. Tune in to this episode of Down the Garden Path for tips on how to ensure your cannabis crop is healthy and your harvest is bountiful!

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