Can’t wait for Spring?

..or so that is what everyone says. And I know this winter has been an actual winter which has made us long for spring but am I the only one who likes the ‘cocooning’ that winter brings? Winter gives us the chance to catch up on family time, the movies we’ve been wanting to rent ( sorry I mean download), the books we wanted to read by the fireplace and the other ” to do’s ” around the house that just don’t seem right to do when the weather is nice and the sun is shining. I have to admit, I am enjoying being      ‘ stuck inside.’

I have caught up on TV shows from my PVR and watched a few movies with my family, with a few more to go. We freshened up all the interior doors and door trim in my house. And my other BIG goal was moving my office into our spare bedroom and all the reorganization that goes with it. The room  will still be a guest room for whenever that is needed but I really wanted a whole room that’s just mine . And a door that I can close and get a break from as well. The old office was in an area off my master bedroom. It was cute and functional but it was always there, I could never get away from it.

So here I sit happily in my ‘new’ office. All neat and tidy but in need  of a few more finishing touches so stay tuned! Meanwhile I am thinking about what my next cocooning activity is going to be…

What are you doing to pass the time this winter?

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2 Responses to Can’t wait for Spring?

    Toronto Landscaping

    I like your idea and think that person always needs a change and learn that little change can provide you a joy and cheers you in your work

      Joanne Shaw

      Thanks it has provided my joy and a new found calmness in my new space.

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