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Before & After: A Larger Garden for Lower Maintenance

Here is a lovely garden before and after that shows low maintenance is really about the right plants in the right spot and the importance of creating a larger garden to accommodate the growth of the plants. Thats right! Making the garden larger is lower maintenance. The plants fill in appropriately and you are not …Read more

The Importance of Planning Your Landscape

‘DOWN THE GARDEN PATH’ RADIO SHOW AND PODCAST Down the Garden path’s topic this week is Planning your Landscape Projects. Matthew and I discuss the importance of planning your garden and landscape designs. How planning can save you time and money. We start by discussing what is going on in our gardens and checking in …Read more

In Celebration of Canada’s 150th Birthday

In celebration of Canada’s 150th Birthday the theme of Canada Blooms 2017  was of course Oh Canada! I personally cannot remember a theme that was so dominant during this event. It was very cool to see how landscape designers, garden builders and floral designers embraced the theme and truly transformed Canada Blooms into a patriotic …Read more

3D Design – What Have I Gotten Myself Into?!

3D design colour

Even if you are not a designer, I am guessing you are familiar with 3D design without even realizing it. We have all seen those television shows where a basic layout on screen turns into an amazing 3D image with the click of a button. Complete with colour, textures and sometimes even an animated fly …Read more

Top 6 Reasons Why You Should Get Rid Of Your Lawn

Summer 2008. Full-size garden installed to replace existing lawn.

Do you have a lawn? If you do, there may be moments that you wish you didn’t. Like the dry spells when you keep having to water it? Perhaps every single time you mow the lawn you rethink it. Many homeowners are considering it and have me remove as much grass as possible from their …Read more

Thinking Outside The Container

Mandevilla planter

One of the big reasons the nurseries are so crazy busy in late spring is everyone getting their summer containers, hanging baskets or all the bits and pieces to make their own! You may have already completed this task! But there is always a spot or two to add another and then there are those …Read more

How to create an Evergreen Urn

Christmas urn

   How to create an evergreen urn:         If you need tips on how to create an evergreen urn and to make it your own, watch my video 

December Gardening Tips

Simple Evergreen Urn

December Gardening Tips : indoor and outdoor gardening Don’t worry if your outdoor chores are not done yet, with no snow fall in sight there is still time to get everything completed before the holidays with these easy december gardening tips: 1. It is still ok to apply fall fertilizer on your lawn. 2. Mulch …Read more

Before And After Photos Of A Back Yard


Back Yard Patio Then And Now

Shrub roses growing well!

A peek of a back yard patio and garden installed 2 years ago. We almost doubled the sitting area and garden space while eliminating the grass in this back yard.    

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