Climate Change in Our Community

with Richard Gauder

Community Climate Change Podcast

This week on Down the Garden Path, we tackle a more serious topic: Climate Change in Our Community.

Entrepreneur Richard Gauder joins Matthew and Joanne for a candid conversation on how climate change is affecting our community. Richard and his wife Sandi are co-founders of CMS Web Solutions. They use gardening as a way to counter the effects of electronics and their endless hours at the office.

For over 25 years, climate change has been Richard’s hobby. Five years ago, he was approached by the Region of Durham to serve on the Durham Region Roundtable on Climate Change. This group consists of senior Regional political leaders, senior staff and local climate and industry experts. They advise the Region on climate mitigation and adaptation. For three years, Richard served as Chair, leaving only after a move to Kawartha Lakes.

In this episode, we discuss the greenhouse effect and how changing weather patterns affect our community. Richard feels that sometimes politics need to be put aside and that now is the time for individual action. It is his belief that there is magic in keeping it simple and we need to stop waiting for government to fix things. Individuals need to act.

Richard and Sandi Gauder took this sentiment to heart and founded Plant a Forest. This new grassroots organization focuses on replacing trees to combat flooding from runoff. These are trees we’ve lost due to housing developments, expanding agricultural lands, disease and bugs.  To learn more about Richard and Sandi’s venture, follow along at We hope you enjoy our conversation.

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