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One of the most popular requests that I am hearing from my clients is for a fire pit area in their back yard.
There are many options of fire pits or fire features for back yards these days. They range from standalone portable fire pits to more permanent built in ones. There is truly one for every personal style.
Standalone options come in many shapes and sizes.


These fire pits come equipped with small propane tanks which make them movable in yards that are large enough to accommodate that.


Or the same fire pit can be hooked up to your natural gas line making them more stationary and allowing for the space in the yard to be designed around it.

Keep in mind that these units are not all created equal. They are available from many varieties of retailers but, like many things in life, you get what you pay for. Consider longevity, safety and function and then look at price. These fire pits will be out in the elements and as much as you will tell yourself that you will “put it away” for the winter to save money, many of us never get around to it. The units above are in the price range of $1200- $1800 (not including natural gas installation).
If you want to go the simple route or prefer burning real wood, there are a few simple options to choose from, keeping in mind burning wood may not be allowed in many municipalities. It is very important to check your fire code, ordinances and permit requirements for your municipality. There could be restrictions on the type of fuel that can be used in your area, as well.  At the very least, these options need to be at least 10 feet from your house, fence or any other structure.
These examples are from Lowes:
firepit4_march firepit3_march

For those that would really like to add a more permanent fire pit area to their back yard, here are a few different options…

Many stone manufacturers offer “kits” that a Professional Landscape Contractor can install for you. Despite it being a “kit,” it does require professional installation. The base is important and there will still be precision cutting, assembly and gluing involved.

Here are some examples of finished products:

Square fire pit with insert (Brussels Block with Ledgestone coping) Installed price approximately $3000.
Round fire pit with insert (Brussels Block with Brussels Fullnose coping) Installed price approximately $3200
Round fire pit with insert (Rivercrest with Ledgestone coping) Installed price approximately $3900
These are just a few examples of built fire pits. Your Landscape Designeror Professional Landscape Contractor can help you choose style, material and size for your project. There are many options and details to consider.
As you can see, there are many choices available and an option for almost any budget. A fire pit area extends the outdoor season and is another feature that adds to the value of your back yard project.


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