Easy Ways To A Trendy Backyard With The Help Of These Tips

One of the new trends I’ve noticed has been designing gardens that remove all or most of the lawn in my customer’s back yards. This has involved enlarging the gardens and adding or expanding a patio. This has created better use of the yard and made for an increased living space that is almost stress free without the worry of watering, mowing and weeds.

patio and garden

Yes we need to water and weed the expanded gardens but with a good layer of mulch, after the first year the water needs will be minimal, except in drought periods.  Weeding should be made easier as well.

Extending the patio not only allows for more space for outdoor entertaining but things like a hot tub or fire pit can now be accommodated as well.

Another trend in magazines and Pinterest has been adding water to our backyard.  A pool isn’t for everyone but there are several different types of water features that can easily be incorporated into your yard.

Here are a few ways to add water to your backyard oasis:

1.    Koi Pond – This centuries old water feature may seem exotic, but is becoming more and more available to the homeowner.

Koi Pond

2.    Waterfall – Similar to a river, a waterfall’s sounds can be melodic to a tired, overworked ear. Combine a river with a waterfall and you’ll create a backyard oasis that is sure to lull you and your guests into a very peaceful evening. Underground components are built into the structure.

Photo courtesy Matthew Behm Landscaping

3.    Fountains – Here’s where you can go crazy. This water feature encompasses so many options. Traditional sculptural fountains, modern orbs and classical niche fountains built into the wall are just a few to consider. The options are only limited by your design tastes. You can display a large fountain as a centerpiece to your garden or tuck a smaller one away in an undiscovered corner.

4.    Bubbling Water Pots – A modern twist on water features, these stone orbs usually have one or two small spigots at the top. The water bubbles or gurgles out the spigot and cascades down the surface of the orb, is captured in a pool at the bottom and recirculated. The soft shimmering appearance is different from the splashing effect of a fountain.

You don’t have to install a big swimming pool or even a big pond in your backyard to enjoy the sounds and sights of water. Let me help you find the right kind of water feature for your yard.

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