Essential Garden Maintenance This May

1. If you have large trees in your yard please contact an arborist to make sure they are pruned properly

2. If you have winter damage on your boxwood or yews as shown below, cut back the tips of the damaged branches just above a green living leaf. Use sharp pruning shears so that you can get a good clean cut. Do this before new growth appears. New growth will fill in the bare spots quite quickly.*

boxwood damage
boxwood damage

boxwood damage
boxwood damage

3. Dig up and divide most perennials, especially hostas and ornamental grasses.

4. If lawn is dry, now is the time to rake and fertilize with a slow release fertilizer.  Helpful hint:  Pour fertilizer into spreader on the driveway NOT on the lawn.

5. Since plants seem to be about 2 weeks late this year, you can still thin out large non-flowering shrubs.  Flowering shrubs can wait until after they bloom.


* Boxwood tips courtesy of Ledan Seja

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