What is the first step?

You’ll need to schedule an introductory phone call with me so I can get a general feel for your landscaping needs before you book a consultation.

I want to proceed. What’s next?

Once we have determined your landscaping goals and you decide you wish to proceed, we will schedule an in-person consultation to review your outdoor space and discuss your vision and your budget.

Is there a consultation fee?

A consultation fee of $150 is required to confirm your in-person appointment.

When do I pay for your services?

  • Landscape Master Plan: A 50% deposit is required before any work begins.
  • Garden Design Plan: You pay upon receipt of the design plan.

Do we sign a contract before the work begins?

A contract and deposit are required for the Landscape Master Plan.

What methods of payment do you accept?

You may pay by cheque or e-transfer.

Do you have contractors working for Down2Earth Landscape Design?

It is a design-only business, but I do have several trusted contractors that I work with regularly and am happy to recommend my clients to. Ultimately, it is your choice who carries out your landscape design plans.

What’s included in the Landscape Design Master Plan package?

With this package, I will:

  • Walk through your garden and outdoor spaces
  • Advise you on your landscape plan during a one-hour consultation (online or in person)
  • Provide inspiration with a collection of design photos and suggestions
  • Envision your landscape goals with your budget, wants and needs in mind
  • Create a customized landscape design plan for your new space using Dynascape®
  • Present your landscape design plan at an appointment booked at the initial consultation
  • Refer you to a professional landscape contractor if this meets your needs.

Landscape Design package

The complete plan will be done in stages. The final design package includes:


  • the complete and labelled scaled design
  • a computer colour design concept
  • a full-colour plant catalogue, and a list of plants with sizes if required.
  • All information a contractor requires to carry out the project


What’s included in the Garden Design Plan package?

With this package, I will:

  • Walk through your front and/or backyard (or view the space virtually).
  • Discuss your vision for your future sanctuary, aligning your budget with your wants and needs.
  • Create a black & white design plan of your future or refined space
  • Create a customized plant list you can use as reference
  • Share my plant purchasing and arrangement tips

The final garden design package includes:

  • the complete and labelled design
  • a full-colour plant catalogue, and a list of plants with sizes if required.

How detailed is the preliminary design concept?

The preliminary design concept includes a layout of the outdoor space with shapes laid out and furniture placed for scale. Its purpose is to confirm the overall layout of the space before we dive into the specifics of the design. See some landscape project examples.

What do I receive in the final design package?

The final design package includes the complete and labelled design, a computer colour design concept, a plant catalogue, and a list of plants with sizes if required. It contains all of the information a contractor needs to carry out the project.

Trust your garden to someone who listens, cares and will complete your vision.

My first meeting with Joanne was refreshing since it was clear to me that my garden design was going to be a joint project and that my input was important! All through the design, contract work and installation of plant material, Joanne has been a wise and knowledgeable garden professional.

Donna, Durham Region

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