Fusion Landscaping

Fusion Landscaping

Have you heard of Fusion Landscaping?  Are you concerned with water management on your property?  “Fusion Landscapes work in harmony with the natural conditions of your property to create beautiful outdoor spaces while helping to reduce watering needs and the impacts of flooding”  On this episode, we’re joined by Professional Landscape Contractor Chris Ray from Humber Valley Landscaping to teach us all about Fusion Landscapes.

We discuss Fusion Elements that you can add to your property;  including permeable pavers, rain chains, rain gardens and more. Learn all about this program, and training available through Landscape Ontario. The Region of Peel and York Region are supporters of this initiative. They are in the process of providing incentives to homeowners. 

Each week on Down the Garden Path we discuss down to earth tips and advice for your plants, gardens and landscapes. As Landscape Designers and gardeners we think it is important and possible to have great gardens that are low maintenance.  Thanks for joining us here. Remember to check out Down the Garden Path on your favourite podcast app and subscribe. 


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