Garden Clubs

( Original Air date Dec 2018 ) 

Have you ever thought about joining a Garden Club or Horticultural Society? Curious about what they do? Think you need to be more of an expert in order to join? Think again!

Joanne Rachfalowski, Vice President of the Ontario Horticultural Association joins us on Down the Garden Path to tell us all about the OHA and your local Garden Clubs.

We learn a bit about the history of the OHA. It is often compared to a well-rooted tree. With the 19 Districts serving as the branches, the twigs are the 270 autonomous local societies and the leaves represent the over 30,000 members.

We highlight how joining your local club can help you learn more about gardening regardless of your level. All Garden Clubs have wonderful speakers at their monthly meetings, many also have Plant Sales, workshops and Garden Tours.  Joanne Rachfalowski tells us the many other benefits to joining your local club or 2!

We also learn about the impact our local clubs have on our communities. Many gardens and seasonal beautification projects involve your local horticultural society.

Each week on Down the Garden Path Joanne Shaw and Matthew Dressing, discuss down to earth tips and advice for your plants, gardens and landscapes. In each episode, we bring you interesting, relevant and helpful topics to help you achieve a great garden. We learn right along with you from each other, from our research or from the guests that join us here.

We learned a lot about the OHA and we hope you enjoy the show.

Note: We also discussed giving a podcast as a gift in this episode. Here’s the link.  Gift of Podcast

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