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Well just like plants and gardens keep growing and changing so must websites, especially websites about plants and gardens. Welcome to another new version of my website… I think it keeps getting better,  that is the goal. What’s new… well more of “a designer look”… which was the goal. I enjoy working closely with Landscape Contractors but I am not one. I am a Landscape Designer and I enjoy it very much so I really wanted that to be clearer immediately when you visit my website that my focus is the design of your garden. I think we have accomplished that.

The second big change is this blog. I have wanted to do one for a while although the plethora of stale dated garden blogs out there did scare me a bit. As a landscape designer my work season is relatively short, I never really know when it’s going to start or end, when customers decide they want to change their garden, they want to do it now not after I have time to write a blog. So I understand that it can be challenging for people in our industry to keep writing… I will do my best!

I believe everyone can have a nicely beautifully designed and maintained garden, regardless of garden size or budget and I want to help as many as I can with that.

I was able to attend the Toronto Botanical Garden tour last week. It was very nice to tour the old and new gardens of Rosedale in downtown Toronto. More than anything it certainly reaffirmed my love of hedges. They were in almost every garden, formal ones, natural ones… in many shapes and sizes. I love them and think they really can be a great feature in every garden. Here are a few examples:

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