How To Become Better With Indoor Plant Care In 10 Minutes

I have a confession to make, I really neglected my indoor plants this past season and had to actually throw 3 good size ones away this week as I just didn’t think they could be saved. I am planning to buy a few more to replace them but I do have a few healthy ones that I am going to take cuttings from.

Have you ever done that before? It is actually quite easy.

Pothos are a very hardy trailing plant that tolerate low light and neglect so it’s a great plant for our busy lives.


Take a cutting off a healthy plant and put the stem in a glass of water away from direct light and it will grow roots in approximately a week. After several weeks you can put it in a pot with potting soil.

Pothos cutting


Snake plant is another easy plant to grow (or should I say hard to kill… are you seeing the pattern here?)

This plant can be divided much like the perennials in our gardens. The plant pictured below has 3 groups of leaves coming up from the soil.

Snake plant_sm

I am going to remove the whole plant from the pot and carefully divide the 3rd younger shoots from the rest of the root. Then I am going to repot the shoot in a new container with new potting soil. It has much more leaf growth on one side of the plant but as you can see has one stem that would make a good start for a new plant.

Snake plant dividing

Why go through all this trouble you say? Well, indoor plants are good for us – especially in the winter. They provide us with a cheery bit of green but they also filter the air and improve air quality. Most houseplants can tackle formaldehyde, a common ingredient in most cleaning products.

So if you don’t already own a houseplant then pick one up and see how it does in your home.

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