Introducing HortusTV

Liza Drozdov is Founder and CEO of HortusTV, a premium streaming channel dedicated to gardening. HortusTV is available across Canada and the US.

Prior to founding HortusTV, Liza Drozdov was Executive Producer of Holmes Makes it Right, one of the highest-rated shows on HGTV and DIY, and former Vice President of The Holmes Group.


She is also a Master Gardener and the author of Design My Life, a novel set behind the scenes on a home makeover tv show.

Calling all gardeners, especially those missing the ‘old’ gardening shows that used to be on TV. Liza has licensed them and they are now available to your phone, tablet or TV.

In this episode, we learn all about the streaming service, how easy it is to sign up. The 7-day free trial that is available without your credit card and the promo code for our listeners to receive 25% off your LIFETIME subscription!

Tune in to hear all about it!

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    Well apparently from California through the internet is not available. I’d like to subscribe to the streaming service but was unsuccessful with Spectrum or Roku. Any suggestions? Couldn’t even send a message to Liza Drozdov in her Facebook page.


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