Japanese Beetles

Japanese Beetles image

With the heat of July comes many things: walks on the beach, drinks on the patio, lounging by the pool, and the dreaded Japanese Garden Beetle. But fear not, we can help you with that last one!

Not sure if Japanese garden beetles are wreaking havoc in your garden?

These garden beetles are strangely beautiful, measuring roughly 3/8″ long and 1/4″ wide. They have shiny, metallic-green bodies and copper-colored wing covers. Their damage is pretty easy to identify and the beetles can usually be caught in the act. Some telltale signs they’re in your garden include skeletonized leaves or total defoliation.

In this episode of Down the Garden Path, landscape designer Matthew Dressing discusses down-to-earth tips and tricks on how to control and protect your garden and lawn from these abundant plant-eating pests.

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