July in the Garden

In this week’s episode, we’re talking July in the Garden! We look at some of the ways to help you keep your garden cool and happy, and some of the fantastic plants we still have to look forward to.

We’ve seen a wet, cool Spring 2019. Although all the rain has made our gardens lush and green, July is finally here and so is the heat!

Here are some of the highlights from this week’s episode:

Water in the July Garden

Keep watering plants! This is especially important since we are in quite a drought. Remember, summer rain does not count as proper watering!

To learn more about irrigation systems, check out our Aquaman Irrigation podcast from April 8th. In that podcast,  Aquaman Irrigation’s Daniel Domingues shared the basics of what is involved in irrigation installation and explained the benefits of the New SMART controllers for irrigation systems.

Lawn Care

  • Keep the lawn watered to one-inch deep each week.
  • Cut your lawn no lower than three inches for cool-season lawns.
  • Apply a summer fertilizer in early to mid-July.


  • Keep tomatoes watered and mulched. Blossom end rot will begin to appear.
  • Plant a fall crop of potatoes before the 15th of July.
  • Keep fleshy, juicy fruit and vegetables, like cucumber, well-watered in times of drought.

Tune in to hear about our favourite stars in the July Garden!

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