July in the Garden

Monthly Feature: July in the Garden

There is a lot to do in the July Garden and there is a lot to enjoy, that is what we are talking about in this episode of Down the Garden Path.

Our monthly feature shows are really meant to help you keep your garden as low maintenance as possible.

Tune in to hear about a variety of todo’s in your garden this month.

Some of the highlights:

Importance of watering your garden and some best practices for watering
The best options for fertilizing your plants and trees
Lawn care is always a popular topic and this episode was no different with several email questions for us to discuss. Listen in for our tips on watering and fertilizing your lawn this summer as well as a few do’s and don’ts when your lawn has gone dormant.
And to continue the watering and fertilizing theme we also discussed vegetable gardens

Time to prepare for Japanese Beetle’s, they are coming!

And last but not least, we discussed the Stars of the July Garden. Some wonderful plants add to your garden to extend the blooms throughout the season.

Matthew and I are sure there is something in this show for everyone!

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