June Observations and Tips

Top June Plant Tips: Evergreens, Pruning and Hydrangeas

  • ┬áMany plants in the garden are behind schedule especially the heat loving things like: Ornamental Grasses, Hydrangeas, perennials like Echinacea’s and even roses!

Don’t worry they will catch up once we get warmer days and warmer evenings.

  • Evergreens: the new growth is in so it is now time to trim or prune your evergreens.

Hand pruning your yews and boxwood to prevent over pruning is a good thing. Remember to make sure fresh cuts on the instead of the plant to encourage new growth inside.

  • Have you noticed this on your Annabelle Hydrangea?

Red Admiral Moth on Annabelle Hydrangea.

Don’t be alarmed. It means that your shrub is the host plant for a pollinator called the Red Admiral Moth. I picked them off the first year I noticed them but now I realize that they only affect the first new growth on the plant and then once they pupate they leave the plant and and move on. The shrub bounces back so no damage done. My plant is ready to flower just as strong.

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