Knowing These Tips Will Make Your Orchids Look Amazing


Light:  Low light, East facing window is best

Water:  Once a week if potted in bark. Let the plant dry out between waterings if planted in other medium. Let water drain completely from pot.

Fertilize:  Those planted in bark need a fertilizer with a higher Nitrogen amount i.e. 30-10-10. Those planted in other medium can use an all purpose fertilizer (20-20-20). Feed them monthly after watering.

Phalaenopsis Salu Spot
Phalaenopsis Salu Spot


Light:  High light but not direct light.  A lightly shaded South window is best. A warmer environment is necessary for this variety as well.

Water:  Keep moist during active growth; let them dry out between waterings while they are flowering.

Fertilize:  Feed when not in bloom, weekly with a 1/4 strength 20-20-20 fertilizer.

Both orchid varieties benefit from some humidity. Place pot on a dish of pebbles filled with water.

Dendrobium Cam-Ranh
Dendrobium Cam-Ranh


images courtesy of Canadian Company Paramount Orchids

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