Let’s Get Inspired and Plan our Containers for May!

I know you don’t need me to tell you it’s too early to get outside and start gardening, right? But we can still enjoy this time to be inspired and plan for our container gardens this spring. Spend time looking for new and interesting containers or the new spot in your yard where you want to create a focal point!

Here are some containers and plant arrangements that I hope inspire you.

Succulents seem to be all the rage right now and something like this little guy you can even get started on now inside your home by preparing to put it in a nice spot with indirect light after the May long weekend.

Want something even more dramatic? Combine a tall tropical with something around the base like this echeveria. Just make sure it’s in a sheltered location.

Succulents come in all shapes and sizes. 


Too much fence or wall? Shop now for matching containers to make an unusual display.

If you are feeling ambitious and have an interesting indoor plant or an interesting container that you don’t know where to place, try using it with a single plant as a focal point in your garden.

Don’t forget about shrubs. I am not sure what is more beautiful: these lovely concrete planters or these colourful hydrangeas?

In this case, if you have the space, go big or go home. This planter is holding a lot of plants but its large size really has an impact.

Look for something unusual and quaint for your front entrance. I know I am!

And if all else fails, show everyone your sense of humour and go for something everyone will be talking about!

I hope you enjoyed these photos and they will help you spend the next few weeks thinking about new containers and new arrangements you can make to take your yard to the next level.

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