Ornamental Grasses

Not a stellar year,at least for mine this season! Thanks to the cool, very wet spring that seemed to last forever if you can remember back that far. The plants grew slowly and didn’t fillout as much as usual. Then the heat hit them fast and furious and then were stunted in growth both height and fullness. I have noticed some people in the neighborhood who have been so unhappy with the look of them that they have actually trimmed them down late summer.

Trimming them is not a bad idea if they are really bothering you but to me it prevents some fall and winter interest. If you trim them now, you will still need to trim them again in the spring. Mine as shown are against my fence in the backyard, they have to tough it out with the vines so they really had a tough summer since the vines, love the wet spring and spread like wild fire this year. These Karl Forestor grasses normally do well in the small space between pool surround and fence. I am going to leave them for now and cut them back in the spring as usual. How are your grasses this year?


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