Our Urban Forests

with LEAF’s Founder Janet McKay

Our Urban Forests

“Our Urban forests are more than just the last remaining ravines and parks. Our urban forests include our street trees, trees and shrubs we plant in our yards, and our gardens.  Today we’re joined Janet McKay of LEAF (Local Enhancement & Appreciation of Forests) to discuss their mission and their many programs on how to plant, care and support our urban forests.”

We learn about our Urban Forests and the major threats that are affecting them. Janet explains that Urban Forests are not just found in large cities, they are also in suburban areas as well. There are a few things that individuals can do to help their communities. One of those simple things is to plant trees. LEAF has a Backyard Tree Planting Program. They are currently serving 12 Municipalities that are involved in this program. The LEAF program offers native trees and shrubs to property owners at a subsidized cost.

LEAF also have many other programs from the Young Urban Forest Leaders Program, the  Bees love Trees program to the TCHC Planting and Stewardship Initiative. Please enjoy this podcast and visit their site and see if there is a way for you to get your municipality or community involved.

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