Reford Gardens- Les Jardins de Métis

Reford Gardens and their Annual International Garden Festival

I recently enjoyed learning about Reford Gardens in Grande Metis, Quebec when Alexander Reford spoke at a recent  Landscape Ontario’s Annual Landscape Designer Conference.

Alexander gave a fascinating talk about the history of the gardens that made up part of his family history.

The original property in Grande Metis was given to Elsie Reford by her Uncle in 1918. Elsie Reford is Alexander Reford’s great grandmother. Having grown up visiting the property she began designing and gardening there and increased the property by purchasing neighboring lands and farms. She worked hard at improving the soil and building the gardens that took over 10 years to create.

Alexander was the responsible for creating a not for profit organisation that purchased the property from the Quebec government in 1995. I think there is a lot of reasons to visit this historic site, to see which plants are thriving there, as a designer to learn about how gardens of this size were designed. And to see the space through fresh eyes of the art installations on display during their festival.  I really hope to visit during their Annual International Garden Festival and see their famous Blue Poppies. I hope I have inspired you to go as well. If you have already been please give me your impressions in the comments section below. In the meantime I have included several pictures of the gardens.

The Long Walk Garden

The Long Walk garden
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Blue Poppy Glade

Blue Poppy Glade garden Blue Poppy


Click here for more information about the Gardens.

Reford Garden Reford Garden


Reford Gardens

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Two of their famous art installations during the Annual Garden Festival.

Reford Annual Garden Festival installation Reford Annual Garden Festival installation


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