Shade: Beyond the Hosta

shade gardening podcast

Shade gardening: just the thought of it makes some gardeners cringe, with images of hostas racing through their mind. In this episode of Down the Garden Path, Matthew and I shed some light on the issue of shade gardening, offering shade gardening tips and looking at a variety of interesting shade plants to brighten the dark recesses of your yard.

Believe it or not, it’s easy to have a beautiful, colourful shade garden filled with more than just hostas.  

Shade Gardening Tips and Defining Shade

We discuss how to define shade, as it is different in every garden. What’s the best way to measure it?

We also highlight some tips for shade gardening, including:

    • Mulch: Learn the different types of mulch available and the benefits of each– watering, weed control, soil enhancement, beneficial insects.
    • Planting: Dig the hole more than twice as wide and line with newspaper.
    • Watering: How often should you water and how deep?  Test yourself!
    • Designing in shade: Learn how to achieve all-summer colour with foliage and texture.

What plants thrive in the shade?

Matthew and I discuss what shrubs and perennials truly thrive when planted in the shade. Tune in to find out our favourites and learn more tips for planting in the shady areas of your garden.

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