The Spirit of Stone: Jan Johnsen

‘Down the Garden Path’ Podcast

The spirit of stone bookJan Johnsen is a landscape designer particularly interested in the effect of gardens upon our wellbeing. Trained in landscape architecture and professional horticulture, Johnsen is the author of “Heaven is a Garden and ‘The Spirit of Stone’ (St Lynn’s Press, 2017).  In this episode of Down the Garden Path we discuss The Spirit of Stone. In this wonderful book, Jan shares all the creative ways natural stone can be used to add dimension to a landscape.

During this show, we learn about some of the history of stone in other cultures like the Chinese Scholar Stones, Japanese Viewing Stones and Split Rock’s relevance to the Native Americans.

We talk about many different stone applications for our gardens and how well they are illustrated in the Spirit of Stone for Landscape Designers and avid gardeners alike.

We also have a great time during the interview and laugh along with our listeners as they write in questions and comments for Jan. I am sure you will enjoy it as much as we did.

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