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Successful Winter Bird FeedingAre you curious about successful Winter Bird Feeding? Jane Paradis has been an avid bird watcher most of her life!   She enjoys going to local birding spots all year round.  She has worked for Urban Nature Store for 9 years and truly enjoys helping customers with all of their birding questions and needs.

Canadian-owned and operated, Urban Nature Store is an independent retailer that prides itself on being able to select just the best products for our customers. No head office pressure, just good quality, reasonably priced products that we use ourselves and that we believe in.

On the show, Jane discussed how to be successful at Winter Bird Feeding and why it is a good idea to feed the birds in the Winter.

The best type of food to buy for different birds and how by purchasing different varieties you can determine which birds visit your feeders.

We also chatted about the importance of water in the Winter for the birds. Yes, they can eat the snow but it is often not the best option for them. There are several options of electric bird baths available at Urban Nature Store. They will be happy to help you choose the best one.

In addition to some other great tips, Jane also highlighted the different types of feeders to use for the birds AND your budget. 

Tune in to listen all about it. 

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