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August in the Garden

  ‘DOWN THE GARDEN PATH’ RADIO SHOW In our new monthly feature, Matthew and I  discuss August in the Garden. August is the month where the garden can really get away from you. We go through a list of areas to deal with in August. There is a lot to think about in the August garden; …Read more

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Taking Action with Ontario Invasive Plant Council

Ontario Invasive Plant Council Grow Me instead

      ” DOWN THE GARDEN PATH” RADIO SHOW Taking Action with Ontario Invasive Plant Council. I chat with Colin Classin, Project Specialist with the Ontario Invasive Plant Council (OIPC) for this very informative episode.  We discuss their Grow Me Instead program, invasive species and the impact that they have on our environment. Furthermore, we …Read more

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Dog Strangling Vine – How To Control This Aggressive Weed In Your Garden

Dog Strangling Vine pods

Summer is a good time to catch this high maintenance weed in your yard and deal with it before it gets out of hand. It is called Dog Strangling Vine and it may be found in your garden. Homeowners with ravine properties should be on the lookout for it. Dog Strangling Vine is a perennial, …Read more

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