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Electric Cars

with electric car enthusiast Tim Burrows This week on Down The Garden Path, we continue to explore ways we can have a positive impact on our environment with a discussion about electric cars with Tim Burrows. We enjoyed learning more about the topic and realize it is an important discussion to have. Change is coming …Read more

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Our Environmental Impact: Ideas Around the House

As we move through the month of October, we continue our adventure into waters many dare not tread: climate change and our environmental impact. From what climate change is and what we can do to help slow it down, to gardening in ever-changing climatic conditions, we dare venture where many fear to go. In this …Read more

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The Benefits of Natural Insect Control

‘Down the Garden Path’ Podcast In this info-packed¬†episode, John Robertson from N.I.C. joins us to discuss Natural Insect Control. We learn about the variety of Beneficial Insects that are available for our home gardens. N.I.C. is the only source of Canadian Nemotodes¬†and they happen to be their top selling product. John explains how they create …Read more

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