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June in the Garden

With the hustle and bustle of May behind us, the month of June promises warmer weather and time to relax, But don’t let that keep you out of the garden; there’s plenty to be done. In this episode of Down the Garden Path, landscape designers Joanne Shaw and Matthew Dressing share their do’s and don’ts …Read more

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Spring in the Garden

Boots on wet soil

The start date of Spring Gardening is always a moving target because of the weather. Please consider Spring Temperatures, especially our evening temperatures and weather conditions. Weather and ground conditions are the determining factor for our lawn and soils and considering those things change from year to year many of these tasks depend on certain …Read more

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Lawn Care: 101

**Please excuse the audio quality in this podcast. Matt and I are unable to record together in the studio during this challenging time and will be recording Down the Garden Path from our homes for the foreseeable future. We are currently working to find ways to improve the sound quality for future episodes.** With a …Read more

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Essential Garden Maintenance This May

1. If you have large trees in your yard please contact an arborist to make sure they are pruned properly 2. If you have winter damage on your boxwood or yews as shown below, cut back the tips of the damaged branches just above a green living leaf. Use sharp pruning shears so that you …Read more

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