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Looking Back: Water Features for the Garden

Before Down the Garden Path became a podcast, it was a weekly radio show on! In this “vintage” episode from April 2017, Joanne Shaw and Matthew Dressing discuss some common misconceptions about water features with Aquascape’s Ernest Williams. They also talk about the different liner options and how to calculate the correct size pump. …Read more

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Ask Us Anything!

The Down the Garden Path podcast is five years old this month! In this special “Ask Us Anything” episode, Joanne and Matthew celebrated by inviting listeners to write or call in with their gardening, landscape design or podcast-related questions. Some of the topics they covered include: whether it’s safe to plant trees in the fall …Read more

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Water Features for the Garden with Aquascape

‘Down the Garden Path’ Radio show and Podcast     So many of us would love a water feature for our garden or yard but have many questions. Listen to this informative show with Ernest Williams, from Aquascape, Inc. He walks us through the many common misconceptions when it comes to water features. We also …Read more

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