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Spring Lawn Care

    We all enjoy having a green lush lawn.  This episode of Down the Garden path we switch from Garde to Lawn. We discuss the do’s and dont’s of each season. Matthew addresses common questions when it comes to keeping your lawn healthy and green.  

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Apply These 5 Tips This Fall For A Healthy Green Weed-Free Lawn

Even though I have been designing some fun gardens that include removing high needs grass from your yards, I know everyone isn’t ready to give up on their green carpets just yet, especially in the front yard. So for those of you still determined to have a healthy green, weed free lawn here are some …Read more

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Irrigation Systems: Do You Need One? This Will Help You Decide!

The winter is a perfect time for planning for the summer.  This is the time we often plan our summer vacations, our kids’ summer camps or any outdoor renovations we might be considering. Now is also a good time to consider an irrigation system… especially if you are as tired as I am with moving …Read more

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