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Growing Under Lights

with Julia Dimakos This month on Down the Garden Path podcast, landscape designers Joanne Shaw and Matthew Dressing have been talking all about planning your garden, growing hydroponically, and growing anywhere you can squeeze in a plant! In this episode, returning guest Julia Dimakos discusses growing under lights and her new e-book How to Plan …Read more

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Seed Starting 101

This week, we’re continuing our “growing inside” themed episodes of Down the Garden Path. In Seed Starting 101, Matthew Dressing and Joanne Shaw discuss starting seeds for beginners. In Seed Starting 101, Matt and Joanne review your steps for success: Start with a plan Choosing seeds Seed packages Equipment Growing media Planting Troubleshooting Hardening off …Read more

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Starting Seeds Indoors: Daniel Eggert

Daniel Eggert

‘Down the Garden Path’ Podcast   Daniel Eggert, Organic Brand Manager at Harris seeds teamed up with Matthew on this episode of Down the Garden Path to discuss starting seeds indoors. With Daniels experience at Harris Seeds, it was good to hear him explain the difference between Organic and Non-Organic seed. With seed starting time …Read more

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