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The Monarch: Saving Our Most- Loved Butterfly

Monarch Butterfly

‘Down the Garden Path’ Radio Show and Podcast Author and Monarch Butterfly expert Kylee Baumle joins us to discuss her new book “The Monarch: Saving Our Most Loved Butterfly”. Kylee discusses her 10 year journey that led her to write this book. Full of detail for naturalists, gardeners and citizen scientists to learn more about the challenges …Read more

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Kylee Baumle, Our Little Acre – Monarch Butterflies

“DOWN THE GARDEN PATH” RADIO SHOW… I spoke to Kylee Baumle, gardener, blogger, author and Monarch Butterfly enthusiast at Our Little Acre teaches us all about the wonderful phenomena that are Monarch Butterflies. Kylee shares all about them and even how she raises the caterpillars from her garden to adulthood, tags and releases them for their …Read more

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