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Down2Earth & Fire!

One of the most popular requests that I am hearing from my clients is for a fire pit area in their back yard. There are many options of fire pits or fire features for back yards these days. They range from standalone portable fire pits to more permanent built in ones. There is truly one for …Read more

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What It Means To Me To Be A Landscape Designer

Landscape Design services sample

I have written before on the topic of Landscape Design and why I think it’s important to get one as well as how beneficial I think it is to work with a Landscape Designer. Today I thought I would touch on why I personally like being a Landscape Designer. It comes down to the fact …Read more

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Things You Must Know About Communication In The Landscape Process

Landscape Design Circle of Synergy

Communication, Communication, Communication!  I say it 3 times because when it comes to the Landscape process, 3 important groups of people are involved:  the Client, Contractor and Designer. And it is very important that all 3 work together to make the project happen, whether it is a large landscape installation or a simple garden planting. …Read more

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Don’t Waste Time! 5 Reasons To Hire A Landscape Designer Now

Front yard with fall colours

1) Designers see the big picture. Landscapes not only need to look good today they need to grow in to look good for years to come. 2) Designers save you money. If given an upfront budget a designer can help you get the biggest bang for your buck.  And if you want some bigger ticket …Read more

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