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Adding Mulch to the Garden

In this episode of Down the Garden Path, Joanne Shaw and Matthew Dressing discuss a popular and sometimes controversial topic in the garden: mulch. To mulch or not to mulch, that is the question! Here are some of the questions and topics covered in this episode: What is mulch? The different kinds of mulch What …Read more

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Perennials: Groundcovers

This month on Down the Garden Path, we are talking all about perennials! From caring for your perennials and new perennials for 2020, to peonies and ornamental grasses…this month we’ll have you growing back for more. On this week’s episode of Down the Garden Path, we continue our month-long perennial discussion with a trip into …Read more

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Shade: Beyond the Hosta

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Shade gardening: just the thought of it makes some gardeners cringe, with images of hostas racing through their mind. In this episode of Down the Garden Path, Matthew and I shed some light on the issue of shade gardening, offering shade gardening tips and looking at a variety of interesting shade plants to brighten the …Read more

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Update: My Fall Landscaping Project

Trying Out the Smothering the Sod Technique: Using Mulch and Cardboard As I mentioned last month I decided to tackle a section of my front yard that has been challenging for me over the last couple of summers and especially this past hot summer. Inspired by the books Hellstrip Gardening and Beautiful No-Mow Yards by …Read more

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