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Wild Seed Project

with Anna Fialkoff This week on the Down the Garden Path podcast, landscape designers Matthew Dressing and Joanne Shaw talk about native plants with Anna Fialkoff, the Ecological Programs Manager at Wild Seed Project in Portland, Maine. Join Joanne and Matt as they discuss native plants with Anna Fialkoff of Wild Seed Project. Here are …Read more

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Ask Us Anything!

The Down the Garden Path podcast is five years old this month! In this special “Ask Us Anything” episode, Joanne and Matthew celebrated by inviting listeners to write or call in with their gardening, landscape design or podcast-related questions. Some of the topics they covered include: whether it’s safe to plant trees in the fall …Read more

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Ontario Landscape Tree Planting Guide

with Sean James of Sean James Consulting & Design Trees. They provide us with so much. They clean our oxygen, give us shade, provide food and act as a habitat to wildlife. And despite all of this, whether you’re a homeowner or landscaper, there is still some debate about how to properly plant a tree. …Read more

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Climate Change in Our Community

Community Climate Change Podcast

with Richard Gauder This week on Down the Garden Path, we tackle a more serious topic: Climate Change in Our Community. Entrepreneur Richard Gauder joins Matthew and Joanne for a candid conversation on how climate change is affecting our community. Richard and his wife Sandi are co-founders of CMS Web Solutions. They use gardening as …Read more

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Fall Checklist And Tips For October To Make The Most Of Your Garden


Remove spent summer flowering plants from containers and replace with Fall Blooming Mums or Ornamental Kale.   Dispose of any diseased or infested plant debris, to avoid overwintering the problem.   Continue to remove weeds especially seed heads to prevent weeds for next year.   Divide and move perennials.   Time to plant spring bulbs. …Read more

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