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2023 Podcasts at a Glance

With just a few days left in 2023, we thought we’d wrap up the year by looking back at the many gardening topics we covered over the past 12 months! From terrariums and groundcover to carnivorous plants and growing holly, Joanne and Matthew did their best to cover relevant, timely topics for your garden. While …Read more

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2022 Podcasts at a Glance

We’re just a few days away from putting 2022 behind us! Matt and Joanne are happy to have been able to bring you weekly advice and guidance for your garden in the Down the Garden Path podcast for another year. From organic pest control and root rescue to poisonous plants and growing cold hardy apple …Read more

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Looking Back at 2021

In the second-last episode of Down the Garden Path for the year, Matt and Joanne take a look back at the popular topics and guests of 2021. Don’t miss Joanne and Matt as they take a look back at the popular topics and guests of 2021 on the Down the Garden Path podcast. They also …Read more

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