The Basics of Growing Cannabis

with Sarah Osterlee

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Cannabis and its use have historically been a hot topic in North America. But on October 17th, 2018, subject to provincial and territorial restrictions, the Canadian government legalized its use across the country. In this episode of Down the Garden Path, Joanne Shaw and Matthew Dressing welcome Sarah Osterlee of Empress Gardens to share her knowledge on the art of cultivating cannabis.

About Sarah Osterlee

Sarah owns a gardening company called Empress Gardens that offers consulting on all plants, including cannabis. Sarah has a red trade seal and diploma in horticulture and a grad certification in cannabis production.

Tune in to hear Joanne and Matt speak with Sarah Osterlee about growing cannabis.

Here are some of the questions and topics covered in this episode:

  • Tell us more about Empress Gardens. Where do you operate and service? What services do you offer?
  • Cannabis anatomy:
    • Why is this important and what do casual growers need to keep in mind?
  • What species of cannabis are there?  
  • What is a cannabis strain and how are they produced?
  • What is the life cycle of cannabis?
  • What growing conditions does cannabis require?
  • What pests and diseases do casual cannabis growers have to be aware of? How do we treat these issues?
  • Indoor vs. outdoor growing:
    • How does each method differ?
    • What do we need to consider when deciding which is better for us?
  • What are ‘cannabinoids’ and why are they important?
  • How can someone increase the cannabinoids of their plant?
  • Where can our listeners go to learn more about growing cannabis?

Find Sarah Osterlle/Empress Gardens online:


Instagram: @empress.gardens

Facebook: @empressgardeningservice

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