The Buzz On Bees In South-Central Ontario ~ Part 2


I am joined once again by local Bee Keeper, Steve Lawrence. We discuss all things bees and honey and the impact the environment is having on these essential insects. We learn about how Steves’ hives are doing after our long winter as well as all about Steve’s recent trip to visit a bee keeper on a trip to Costa Rica. If you want to know more about bee keeping and to have a better idea of what goes on in the life of a bee keeper, then I am sure you will like this episode! Listen and enjoy!


2 Responses to The Buzz On Bees In South-Central Ontario ~ Part 2


    I am looking forward to your “All About Bees”
    presentation at the Senior Centre at John Street Branch in Oshawa on March 15, 2018. My question would be: What plants can be planted for the benefit of bees in a semi-shady garden on Scugog Island. Also, how would one go about making a bee hive for bees. I work in a pottery class. Is there a pottery bee hive pattern you could suggest. Anyway, these are just suggestions.

      Joanne Shaw

      Hi There,

      You have left a message on my Down2Earth website, I am a landscape designer and host of my radio show, Down the Garden Path.
      Steve the Bee Keeper was a guest on my radio show but the comments are on my website. You can check out Steve’s website at

      Hope that helps,

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