Top 6 Reasons Why You Should Get Rid Of Your Lawn

Do you have a lawn? If you do, there may be moments that you wish you didn’t. Like the dry spells when you keep having to water it? Perhaps every single time you mow the lawn you rethink it. Many homeowners are considering it and have me remove as much grass as possible from their designs. If you’ve ever considered it, the following reasons may be the motivation that you need.

1. More Free Time

If you get rid of your lawn you’ll never have to mow the grass again. And chances are you’re mowing the lawn on the weekends. I bet there are better ways that you can spend your Saturday than mowing the grass.

2. Less Water Consumption

In addition to more free time, when you get rid of your lawn, you’ll see your water consumption substantially decrease. If you are increasing the size of garden, once it is established it will require much less water than your lawn.

front entryway3. It’s Budget Friendly

Fertilizer, weed killer, lawn mowers or lawn maintenance companies and water all cost money. When there’s no grass to tend to you’re going to save a bundle. Sit down and take a look at how much you spend on lawn care products, services and water. It adds up. Get rid of your lawn and spend that money on something more important to you.

4. Beautification

A lush green lawn can be a beautiful thing. However, a serene Zen garden can be pretty. A yard that’s carefully landscaped with mulch, shrubs and flowers can be beautiful as well. You have an abundance of options to create a beautiful yard without having to plant and tend to a lawn.

lawnless backyard5. Greener Carbon Footprint

Gas lawn mowers create emissions. So much so that many communities ban mowing on certain ozone days. Additionally, grass really isn’t so great at cleaning the air. Trees and shrubs, however, are exceptional air cleaners. You can change your landscaping to get rid of grass and instead plant bushes, shrubs, flowers, and trees – all of which do improve air quality.

6. Resale

Several of my customers who have sold their “lawn less” home, report the new owners love the idea of not having to look after the grass! And they love the idea of large patio and sitting areas.

The key as usual is a planned, better designed garden which involves planting the right plant in the right spot. It also means more hardscaping (larger walkways and patios allow for greater living space) and a good coverage of mulch.

Here is a great example:

Summer 2008. Full-size garden installed to replace existing lawn.
Summer 2008. Full-size garden installed to replace existing lawn.

In 2008 we removed the existing yard from this home and installed this walkway and full-size garden to replace a lawn and applied a generous covering of mulch to help with weed control and water retention. Plants are spaced well for future growth. The homeowners (really good friends of mine) are not gardeners and were busy with their 3 daughters and therefore wanted a low maintenance solution to their front yard. This is a well-traveled street and many thought we were crazy.

Here it is the following spring:

Spring 2009.
Spring 2009.

And an unbelievable 2 years later in 2011:

Summer 2011.
Summer 2011.

Aside from watering the hydrangeas when they have wilted on a very hot week, a good pruning of shrubs once a year and an application of mulch every other year, there has been no further maintenance required. They also have no grass in their back yard. Their only regret with the front is not doing the boulevard which continues to be a challenge. Although I think we will tackle that soon… hint hint!

Doesn’t this sound nice? Take a look at this blog post for more pictures of other lawn free spaces I have designed. Is it your turn this year?

There are many reasons to get rid of your lawn. Start exploring your options today. Give me a call to get ideas on creating a plan.

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