Water Garden Trends

with Aquascape’s Ernest Williams

Water Garden Trends with Ernest Williams - March 29th 2021

This week on Down The Garden Path, we wrap up our month-long talk about hardscaping with a look at water garden trends. Joining us is returning guest Ernest Williams from Aquascape.

Ernest Williams is the Territory Sales Manager at Aquascape for Eastern and Northern Ontario. Aquascape is a manufacturer of water garden products and connects people to water the way nature intended. Homeowners have been enjoying professionally installed Aquascape water features or doing it themselves for close to 30 years. Ernest has been with Aquascape for over 15 years, and in the horticultural industry for 22 years. Ernest has been involved in many aspects of the water feature business including warehousing, purchasing, sales, installing, training, and consulting. He encourages everyone to take the “plunge” into the water feature lifestyle.

“When the water feature is done right, they’ll never look back!”

Join us this week for our conversation about water garden trends with Aquascape’s Ernest Williams.

Ernest answers our questions and tells us about the upcoming trends:

  • What’s changed in water gardens over the last three years?
  • What are the current and emerging trends in water gardening?
    • Pondless water features have increased in popularity.
    • New for the 2021 season are many water features that also incorporate fire, like Basalt columns that include propane torches.
  • What’s new and exciting at Aquascape?
    • Aquascape has products like a rain exchange system that can help with stormwater management. They also have an assortment of water treatment solutions for your pond.
  • Ernest answers a listener’s questions about the pros and cons of a prefab pond liner vs a rubber liner. He explained and walked us through the many benefits of a rubber liner in our climate here in Ontario.
  • How do you determine the pump size that you need for your pond?
    • Ernest does the math for us!

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Find Aquascape online

You can find Aquascape online here.

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