Water Your Trees With The Help Of These Tips For Better Results

Large trees are key in our yards and also a big budget item.  Here are some important tips addressing the watering of your newly planted and established trees.

Newly planted (less than 12 weeks):

Water once a week for the first eight to twelve weeks, with a second watering during hot, dry summer months.

The larger the tree or shrub that is planted, the more water it will require to soak into the root ball and surrounding soil. By laying the hose on top of the root ball (with the water running at a very slow trickle!) for 30 to 45 minutes, the tree gets water soaked into the root zone. Don’t rely on lawn irrigation systems to water trees. These systems are designed to water the top 1 or 2 inches of soil and usually do not provide enough water to soak the trees’ root zone.

One gallon of water for the plant and one additional gallon of water for each caliper inch of the tree. A 3-inch caliper tree will need four gallons of water with each watering.

Established (twelve weeks and longer):

Monitor for moisture the first year. Additional watering during hot, dry summer days. Deep, slow watering is best.

Source:  Deneweth’s Garden Center 

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