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What’s Wrong With Your Boxwood?

Boxwoods are popular evergreen landscape staples. If you don’t have boxwoods in your yard, I am sure your neighbours do. A few of my clients have reached out regarding their concerns about the sudden decline of their boxwoods, including my dad. There are a few issues that boxwoods are susceptible to. I thought I would …Read more

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Shrubs: Pruning

A new month means a new topic on the Down the Garden Path podcast. This month, we’re talking all about deciduous and evergreen shrubs. Join us each week as we discuss native shrubs, when and how to prune, and new and noteworthy deciduous and evergreen shrubs. On this week’s podcast, we discuss pruning. Tune into …Read more

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Holly is an often-forgotten about evergreen shrub that provides great interest throughout the garden season.   There are over 400 varieties of Holly but only several that grow in our zone 5 climate. And those would be the ones available at local nurseries. Dark green glossy leaves but most noted for its red berries or …Read more

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