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Jumping Worms

with Sean James Just when we think we have seen it all regarding our garden and pest issues, we learn about another pest we need to educate ourselves about.  This week on Down the Garden Path, Joanne welcomes Sean James to discuss jumping worms, what they are and why we need to be on the …Read more

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Ontario Landscape Tree Planting Guide

with Sean James of Sean James Consulting & Design Trees. They provide us with so much. They clean our oxygen, give us shade, provide food and act as a habitat to wildlife. And despite all of this, whether you’re a homeowner or landscaper, there is still some debate about how to properly plant a tree. …Read more

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Sean James, Fernridge Landscaping and Eco Consulting

Rain Gardens “DOWN THE GARDEN PATH” RADIO SHOW… Sean James of Fernridge Landscaping and Eco Consulting joins me to discuss Rain Gardens. Managing water in our yards is becoming an important environmental issue. On this episode we learn about Rain Gardens. And how you can manage the water properly in your yard by using them. Tune into to …Read more

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