Crab Grass: If You Let it Visit It May Be Here To Stay!

There are a few good things about our lawns going dormant in the summer heat and one of them is that the weeds slow down in growth too! But when the temperatures cool and we have some well needed rain, the weeds are growing again. With the existing herbicide ban in Ontario it is getting more and more challenging to keep weeds out of our lawns.

crab grass
crab grass

I recommend you search your lawn for the dreaded crab grass.  Pull it out before it goes to seed (see image).  Check areas that are close to the street or close to your neighbors. The seeds travel easily so weeds around you can easily affect your lawn as well.

It is shallow rooted and easy to remove especially after a rain. Next year’s weeds are based on the amount of seeds that fall in your lawn this year. Cutting over it just spreads the seeds all around the lawn. Our winter temps will kill off the crab grass plant but not its seeds.  As soon as the temps reach a favorable temperature the crab grass starts to grow and can quickly take over your lawn. So spend a few minutes pulling out a few clumps of crab grass from your lawn (or your neighbors) now and save yourself from pulling a lot out next year.

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