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with Natalie Green


This week on Down the Garden Path, Joanne Shaw welcomes Natalie Green from DynaScape Software to discuss their newest product, Creator.

About Natalie Green

Natalie is the Director of Product Development at DynaScape, working to understand the needs of landscape designers and build easy-to-use, modern solutions to efficiently create beautiful, functional, accurate plans for outdoor spaces.

DynaScape builds landscape software specifically for the landscaping industry. They are committed to developing tailor-made solutions for landscape professionals and continue to expand the products and services they offer to empower landscape professionals with the best design and management platform.

Tune in to hear Joanne’s discussion with DynaScape’s Natalie Green.

Here are some of the topics covered in this episode:

  • The history of Dynascape design software and how it works for the landscape design industry
  • Natalie also highlighted some of the limitations
    • These limitations and the importance of staying ahead of technology, especially the technology of computer hardware, have led to the development of a new product for Dynascape called Creator.
  • The future of DynaScape Creator
    • How much more flexible it is being a web-based product
    • A two-week trial of Creator is available on their website if you are interested in giving it a try
    • Natalie emphasized that there was no such thing as too much feedback!
    • Be sure you share your likes and dislikes
  • A Dynascape Design and Design Colour update is coming in June 2024.
  • Joanne shared with Natalie how much she appreciated the training and technical support that Dynascape offers.
    • It helps designers manage deadlines knowing Dynascape is there and very responsive

Where you can find DynaScape:

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