Fall Checklist And Tips For October To Make The Most Of Your Garden

  • Remove spent summer flowering plants from containers and replace with Fall Blooming Mums or Ornamental Kale.


  • Dispose of any diseased or infested plant debris, to avoid overwintering the problem.


  • Continue to remove weeds especially seed heads to prevent weeds for next year.


  • Divide and move perennials.


  • Time to plant spring bulbs. Remember, squirrels don’t like Daffodils or Alliums.



  • This is a great time to plant trees and shrubs.


  • Keep an eye on rainfall; if it is low, make sure newly planted material and evergreens are well watered until the first frost.


  • Protect young trees from mice and rabbit damage by wrapping tree protector around the bottom portion of the trunk.


  • Leave Ornamental Grasses for winter interest and keep blooms on shrubs like Hydrangea or flowers like Echinacea for added winter interest.


  • Reapply mulch in gardens to help with moisture retention and weed control.


  • Time to apply fall fertilizer on your lawn.


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